Getting Started with your Search

When searching for information think about they keywords or phrases that describe your topic. You can combine your keywords to enhance your search using connectors such as AND, OR for example

  • "global warming" AND Australia
  • "global warming" OR "climate change"

Handy Hints

  • To search for phrases, use double quotes e.g. "global warming"
  • To find variants of a word use the * symbol e.g. ethic* finds ethic, ethics, ethical etc. 
  • To find different spellings of a word use the ? symbol in place of a letter e.g. organi?ation  finds organisation or organization
  • To exclude words or phrases use NOT e.g. Java NOT Indonesia
  • In the catalogue as well as many databases you can use the drop down menu next to the search box  to search within specific fields such as title, author, keyword or subject term

For further information have a look a the range of How to guides which provide a number of useful search strategies. More help is also available under refining your search

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