Refining your Search

There are a number of ways to refine a search. In the Library catalogue you can limit your search results from the Refine Search options on the left hand side. Limits include under: 

  • Show Only
    • Full text online;
    • Peer reviewed;
    • Library collection (both physical and electronic items licensed to the Library) and the 
    • University's Research Outputs Repository
  • Additional Resources: these options are not automatically searched and may be useful. In includes newspaper articles 
  • Format options include books, thesis, journals and images
  • Subject
  • Collection options include each campus and the Teaching Resource Collections
  • Date of publication when adding a date you need to select update to complete the search

Use the More link under each heading to include or exclude options. 

Handy Hints:

  • Select the Keep search refinements under the search bar so that you don't have to refine again when using different keywords
  • The Sort on feature located under the search bar allows you to rearrange the results e.g. by date of publication or title

More help is also available under Getting Started with your Search



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