What if an item on loan to me is recalled?

  • If you have an item that has been requested by another patron, automatic renewals will not occur. Fines apply if the recalled items are not returned by the amended date. Check myLibrary to keep up to date when items are due for return.
  • At the time of borrowing: If you borrow an item which already has a request on it, the loan period is automatically reduced to 14 days for main collection items. Keep track of due dates via myLibrary.
  • Existing items already on loan: The weekly Borrowing Activity Letter sent every Monday by email will inform you if an item you have borrowed has been recalled and the new due date For main collection items, this will be 14 days from the date of recall. If the item is already due within the recall period then that due date will remain unchanged. For 4 day loans the original due date will remain.
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